The professionals at Gendo can help your organisation to plan for the future and get ahead. Whether your are concerned about the future direction of your organisation, new ways of working, open innovation or IT strategy, Gendo can help.

Every organisation needs to change and evolve. How these changes are handled depends on the management vision. The...
It is vital to retain long-term control of your information processes & policies to maintain your competitive edge...
""The most important, and indeed the truly unique, contribution of management in the 20th Century was the...


13 Dec
With journalist Silkie Carlo I have co-authored a 'handbook' on practical information security for journalists...
18 Oct
On Friday October 17th I was interviewed by Russia Today on the security of 'secure' smartphone apps that turn out to...
09 Jul
On Tuesday July 8th 2014 I was once more a guest on Max Keiser's programme 'The Keiser Report'. Max is a former Wall...

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Gendo has very diverse clients. On this page a broad listing that is, because of client confidentiality, vey incomplete.

Healthcare hospitals labs andpatient outreach organisations
Finance banks insurance financial serivces
Education universities educational institutions and companies
Government EU national regional and local governments
Industry and other technology companies
Other clients in various other categories

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