IT Strategy

It is vital to retain long-term control of your information processes & policies to maintain your competitive edge in any sector. To achieve this real, meaningful independence from suppliers is vital. But many IT policies today are determined by past choices.

Gendo facilitates independence, transparency and a centralised organisational strategy. We help our clients to regain independence if neccesary, and remain independent into the future. This leads to:

  • full control over their own information policies and the freedom to select suppliers on price/performance instead of past choices;
  • better cooperation by sharing knowledge in an industry and developing joint solutions to common problems in a sector; and
  • equal opportunities in the IT sector, giving new young innovative companies a fair chance. This lowers costs for buyers of IT.

Under these conditions, innovation, transparency, flexibility, sustainability, and vendor independence are truly achievable within sustainable budgets. Gendo holds a unique position in this area – second to none when it comes to guiding organisations to vendor independence, open standards and Open Source.

Gendo’s specialists enjoy working with IT managers who seek more openness in their IT infrastructure. We can help achieve those ambitions. But we are also open to a dialogue with IT managers who feel that the trend towards open standards, vendor independence and Open Source is nonsensical. We have a mission to contribute to meaningful IT solutions, and we specialise in topics such as open standards, Open Source and vendor independence. These important themes are already promising and have even greater potential, but can also lead to controversy and heated debate. We enjoy taking these discussions back down to earth to seek constructive solutions.