Open Source

There is a growing global awareness about the benefits and opportunities offered by open standards, Open Source, vendor independence and the digital preservation of data.

But IT departments generally have full work schedules and there is no time, let alone money, to experiment with open standards and alternative systems. Yet pressure often exists to do ‘something’ about the current ‘closed’ IT infrastructure and the associated soaring costs: sometimes because of political pressure; sometimes from the realisation that there are clear advantages to be gained; and sometimes just out of curiosity.

For those organisations wishing to get a feel for the subject and for those about to take the first step, Gendo has developed a number of atttractive services. These services delibrately avoid pushing our customers headlong in preconceived directions; on the contrary, we work with them to develop tailor-made and constructive strategies.

We start from the beginning (why do this, and is this the right time?). We take into account investments (cost effectiveness), and obviously look at continuity and any existing projects. In short, we know the ropes and will use that knowledge to work with you to achieve success.