Een wiki, iets voor uw organisatie?

A wiki is a (web) application where documents can be edited by many people. An example of a wiki is the online encyclopedia Wikipedia.

A wiki is ideal for working with others, both within an organisation and across organisational boundaries. Increasingly, this concept is used on organisational intranets to enhance knowledge sharing. It can also be used within a company, when documenting the existing infrastructure such as hardware, software and network connections. A wiki can be easily kept up to date.

The wiki phenomenon is spreading everywhere these days. Perhaps you are already considering having a wiki at your own organisation, or want to hear about the possibilites?

Gendo has implemented wikis for many companies, institutions and government bodies. One organisation might have a modern intranet or document management system, another will have chosen a platform where it can work together externally with its customers and supporters.

At Gendo we know that the technical rollout of a wiki can also often result in an organisational improvement. New technology requires new ways of cooperation and trust. We can use our extensive experience  to help you.