Executive update

As a senior manager, you have a secretary and perhaps a chauffeur – not because you are unable to type or drive, but because there are only 24 hours in a day.

Staying on top of strategic developments relevant to your organisation, industry or market often places a heavy burden on your time, and day to day issues make it difficult for you regularly to read up on external developments. Gendo helps decision makers and managers by providing them with regular updates on areas such as technology, policy and other external factors that directly impact on organsiations. An executive update session can be one-to-one or with your management team, it can be regular or a one-off.

Gendo staff have a broad knowledge of scenario planning, technology, (project) management and policy development. They bring you an outsider’s viewpoint and can offer a fresh perspective on your concerns or raise issues of which you may be unaware but which are (or will be) important to you. Do you need a regular update or do you just need a one-off session to brainstorm and reflect?

Contact us about the range of options.