Futureshock, Lectures & Workshops

 "A scenario is an internally consistent view of what the future might turn out to be – not a forecast, but one possible future. " – Michael Porter

What if tomorrow’s world looks really different? A fast-changing world offers opportunities and threats for your business and your position in the market. New technology can overtake existing business models, and even make them irrelevant. New markets will be filled by those who most rapidly identify new possibilities and the needs of a new generation of customers.

Are you ready to embrace progress? Is your organisation positioned to proactively deal with change, or could you be caught off-guard?

Gendo can help its clients answer these questions. Gendo offers presentations, bespoke workshops and brainstorming days to help leaders and innovators to think outside the box and work beyond existing frameworks.

  • realise the incredible speed at which the basic rules of the game can change;
  • identify and expand the limits of your own conceptual frameworks;
  • understand the fundamental impact of external developments on your industry or business; and
  • become more aware of future changes and identify future opportunities and threats.

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