Miriam Leis

Dr. Miriam J.S. Leis is a strategic foresight researcher specialising in:

– Developments and implications of Emerging technologies (e.g. NBIC, biomedical engineering, Human Enhancement Technologies (HET), advanced robotics and A(G)I, synthetic biology)

– Foresight methodology (e.g. megatrends, weak signal scanning and assessment, Grand Challenges, managing accelerating change.

– Foresight research for strategic decision-making ELSI/ELSA of emerging technologies (incl. ethics, technology and vision assessment)

Miriam holds a PhD (magna cum laude) in sociology of technology and a German Masters in social and political sciences.  She has worked in academia, business consulting and a large Dutch Research and Technology Organisation for a variety of clients, among them large companies like BASF, Siemens, VW and Deutsche Telecom as well as the European Commission and the National Government of The Netherlands. Her technology-oriented strategic foresight activities encompass a variety of topics and disciplines, incl. education, health and ageing, defence and security, innovation and research policy as well as ethics, culture and economy.

Before joining Gendo she worked as researcher at University Duisburg-Essen, as foresight analyst for the German business consultancy Z_punkt and as strategic foresight researcher for innovation policy at TNO Netherlands.

Miriam van be reached at miriam@gendo.nl, follow Miriam on Twitter and LinkedIn.