Scenario Planning

Every organisation needs to change and evolve. How these changes are handled depends on the management vision. The most damaging approach is to refer to the past – it is all too easy to fall into the trap of looking in the “rear view mirror". Making decisions based on what has worked before is dangerous and counterproductive if you want to grow and survive in uncertain times. What if the world looks really different tomorrow?

A fast-changing world offers opportunities and threats to your business model and your position in the market. New technology makes existing business models obsolete or irrelevant. New markets will be filled by those who most quickly identify new opportunities and the desires of new generations of customers. Is your organization able to deal proactively with change? Or will you always be unpleasantly surprised by the new rules of the game?

Gendo offers presentations, bespoke workshops and brainstorming sessions to help leaders and innovators think outside existing frameworks, and:

  • realize the incredible speed at which the basic rules are changing in the world;
  • learn to identify the constraints of your thinking patterns and move beyond them;
  • understand the fundamental impact of external developments on your industry or business; and
  • be alert for future changes and identify opportunities and threats.