Younass Aboulghit

Younass has always been interested in technology and studied computer science in The Hague. He combined his studies with a part-time job as a free-lance programmer, with a focus on web-oriented applications.

He wrote his graduation thesis as a software developer with a company specialising in ASP-services in the heathcare sector. In this project he gained much experience in using open source software and open standards (the HL7 standard in particular). The ideas he developed during his studies in the application of open source and open standards have been confirmed when working on real-world problems.

In autumn 2008 Younass was invited to join the Gendo team.  He considered this a great opportunity to enhance his expertise in the area of Open IT and joined as a junior partner. Since then he has been helping Gendo’s healthcare and public sector clients with IT projects, implementing open standards and applications for new ways of working. Younass is also involved with the development of electronic healthcare record applications.