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first fully synthetic genome

Announcing the first fully synthetic genome working in a bacterial cell by the J. Craig Venter Institute.

Organ printing

We’ve been featuring this experimental technology in our presentations for several years, Now it is getting close to being usefull for simple structures. In the future it may be possible to create organs ‘on demand’ from the genetic material of the patient, thereby preventing the problem of tissue rejection.


Possible problems with nanotech

New technological possibilities usually come packaged with a new set of problems. Whether planet-eating nanobots are possibly is something that remains to be seen. Good to know there’s at least a few people like the Foresight Institute and CRN thinking about counter-measures. Below a funny video about how things could seriously get out of control.

Eyeborg: the movie

Coming soon on a bittorrent server near you; a new movie about a filmmaker getting his prosthetic eye replaced by a camera made in his living room. While the original intention of Rob Spence was to use his bionic eye to fight crime he is now focusing more on the problems with al the other camera’s following us all day. Trailer below, full site here.

If documentaries are not your thing; this SF/action flick about evil-government-camera’s-that-will-eat-us-all also coming soon. Reviews here, here and here.

Remix, cultuur en auteursrecht in de tijd van het Internet

Did you know?

No? Than maybe you should have a chat with the scenarioplanners at Gendo………

Technology is moving at an ever increasing rate of development, and just a few years from now, we’ll be exponentially more informed and equipped than we were in all of human history.

Kredietcrisis voor “dummies”

Onderstaande animatie van Jonathan Jarvis geeft op een heldere, eenvoudige en leuke wijze uitleg over het ontstaan van de kredietcrisis en meer in het bijzonder over de werking van (subprime) leningen. Ter "lering ende vermaak"!

The Crisis of Credit Visualized from Jonathan Jarvis on Vimeo.